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Role of the CCA office

Work relating to collection of License fee and Spectrum Fee in the form of Revenue share in respect of Cellular and basic services was handed over to CCA offices w,e,f January 2004. This office is responsible for collection of the Revenue from different Service providers holding different licenses for J&K  Circle and other allied works which includes:-
I.  Collection of license Fee from all service providers viz UASL /CMTS/ISP & ISP-IT .
2. Collection of Spectrum charges from service providers using GSM and CDMA technologies.
3.  Verification of deductions claimed by the service providers.
4. Assessment of Spectrum usage charges w.e.f Financial Year 2012-2013.
5. Assessment of License Fee paid in respect of ISP/ ISP-IT service providers.
6. Being custodian Of Financial & Performance Bank Guarantees, review of Financial Bank Guarantees.
7.  Submission of periodical reports of Revenue collected to DOT (Hqr) & updating of GR, AGR, Revenue collection in Soft ware.

 Office of CCA in addition to above is to ensure that dues of Government are correctly assessed w.r.t license fee and deposited in the government account within the prescribed time period.

In furtherance to above, work relating to collection of Penalties levied for subscribers non verification & non-compliance of instructions on EMF radiation norms on Telecom service providers by TERM Cell and reconciliation thereafter with TERM cell has been entrusted to CCA office since October 2011 and January 2012 respectively.