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Role of CCA office in SUC


DoT (HQ) delegated power of collection of spectrum usage charges on revenue sharing basis, in respect of Cellular services to CCA offices, from 01.04.2004. 
DoT (HQ) delegated power of assessment and collection of spectrum usage charges for GSM, CDMA, BWA & V-SAT services to CCA offices from FY-2012-13 onwards.

Activities to be undertaken for collection & assessment of Spectrum Usage Charges:

  • Collection of spectrum usage charges on revenue sharing basis from Cellular operators in shape of DDs/Pay orders only supported with corresponding quarterly AGR statements. Spectrum Usage Charges are paid by the operators on quarterly basis, in advance. 

  • Credit of
    DDs/Pay orders in Govt Account.

  • Classification of Spectrum Revenue under proper Head of Accounts.

  • Feeding SUC collection online into WPF-Collection module software of WFD branch of DoT.

    Accounts reconciliation on Monthly/ Quarterly/ Annual basis.

  • Assessment of
    spectrum usage charges Operator wise & Technology wise in respect of Radio spectrum, Microwave access Network & Microwave Backbone Network.

  • Calculation of interest / Penalty on deficit & delayed payments of SUC.

  • Raising of demands of outstanding dues on respective Telecom Service Providers.

  • Maintenance of records.

  • Consideration of representations received from TSPs against demand raised after assessment of spectrum usage charges and decision thereof under norms laid down by DoT (HQ).